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The Purple City (?!)

The infamous city was an urban satellite of the central metropolis of Tanagura... Its virtual precincts served up every imaginable mode of amusement, answering to the wants and needs of mortal flesh. There one could find casinos, bars, brothels, and all facets of the entertainment industry. (V1 p27)

Midas was one big pleasure palace. There [one] could eat, play, and shop until he was dead on his feet, sleep it off, and start all over again. But only if he had money and an ID. (V4 p132)


Among her attractions was the gaudy, conspicuous, and brilliantly lit [double] arched gate. Leading directly from the fully operational spaceport (built to the specifications of the tourist industry), it was located in Sasan (Area 8) at the eastern reaches of Midas. The naked nymphs decorating the frieze were derived from the mythic motifs found in the stories of the Veela.... (V2 p15).

Double Arcs / Rings of Midas[]

Heading across the overpass away from the two concentric rings that formed the core of Midas -- Area 1 (Lhassa) and Area 2 (Flare) -- these besotted sensations faded. In the time it took for the cold night air to dissipate them, the urban landscape changed completely. (V1 p28)

Gate Security[]

Of course, no one could pass through the gate carrying a gun or knife for personal protection... The primary security checkpoint known as Midas Gate subsumed the greater metropolis, including the Pleasure Quarters in its entirety. (V2 p15-16)

Packing heat was strictly forbidden in the playgrounds and pleasure quarters that comprised Midas. But there were always exceptions to be made, no matter what the nature of the society. It was the same in Midas. (V5 p29)

see Midas Division of Public Safety

see PAM


Midas is divided into 9 areas:

Area 1: Lhassa[]

Includes Apatia, Casino Row, and Love Inn.

Beginning with Casino Row, Lhassa's main  attraction, and continuing onto its entertainment establishments, visitors then found on the flanks of the Pleasure Quarters what might be called (with a somewhat different interpretation) the true face of Midas. (V1 p71)

Within the twin rings [of Midas Gate], at its very heart, the streets large and radiating from Casino Row created long, unbroken spokes of neon light. And everywhere resplendently adorned men and women, young and old alike, collected together with hearty voices and high spirits, like pools of glistening water. (V2 p16)

Every night the main thoroughfare proceeding toward Casino Row overflowed with every stripe of person possible. (V2 p19)

Area 2: Flare[]

The district housing the high class boutiques and restaurants. Automatic 'capsule cars' used by the tourist trade paraded back and forth along the roadway. (V2 p77)

The darkness was illuminated by the flashing light of storefronts in streets that never slept. (V7 p101)

Tilma District[]

The security grid on Midas itself drew a blank trying to trace Riki.... The search function on Iason's control ring indicated that Riki was last on the grid at 1923 hours in the Tilma District. (V8 p115)

see Subzero Scarface: Office Hideout

Area 3: Mistral Park []

Mistral Park was a large convention center complex lined with exhibition pavilions of various shapes and sizes. (V1 p71)

Pet Auctions were normally held at the convention center in Mistral Park (Area 3). (V2 p149)


"According to the map coordinates, it's the closest stopping point [for capsule cars] to the slums." (V5 p88, V5 p95, V6 p59, V8 p78)

The tourist guides designated  the nearby areas as a 'red zone', and as a result, even the shuttle buses that ran every Area didn't stop in Genova. (V6 p59)

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Area 4: Ainis[]


Where Iason and Katze take late afternoon strolls when Katze gives his reports.

The large, domed arboretum showed off what Tanagura's vaunted biotechnology industry could accomplish given free reign. Every section of the park sported a variety of trees and brightly colored flowers. A rich variety of butterflies and insects and birds fluttered about carelessly. Soft breezes wafting from the negative ion generators bathed the skin. (V6 p9)

Area 5: Diedo/Dito[]

Between Area 9 'Ceres' and Area 7 'Dito' was...Neal Darts. (V7 p89)

Area 6: Janus[]

Orange Road[]

The boundary line separating Flare (Area 2) and Janus (Area 6) (v2 p93).

Area 7: Herbay/Harvey[]

A special district reserved for recuperation, stocked with medical facilities. (V8 p122)

For the citizens of Midas, this was where every one of them hoped to live out the twilight years of their lives. Free of uncertainties and care, where only a few dozen were permitted entry each year. Close inspection would reveal that the blissful faces of the residents did not remain there for long, their members culled through euthanasia to make room for more. (V8 p123)

While Midas would have looked on the destruction of Ceres with smug satisfaction, being closest to the epicenter, Harvey was also in ruins. That Harvey was off-limits to tourists was the only thing that kept casualties low. (V8 p161)

see Dana-Bahn, Destruction

Area 8: Sasan[]

Underground Dome[]

That day in Sasan (Area 8), an auction was scheduled in the Number Three underground dome. This was a secret auction that couldn't be handled in public. Sponsored by the black market, the auction was blanketed during the run-up by a tight security cordon twenty-four hours a day, with entry restricted to authorized personnel only. (V2 p149)

If the grounds for the auction hadn't been at Sasan, [instead] in sight of the fully completed tourist airport, it was any man's guess how things might have turned out. (V2 p150)

Number Five terminal, subterranean floor twenty. The holds were still and quiet. Having transported the consignment from the Delvia system to the designated H-085 cargo hangar. (V2 p149)

A snazzy little flatbed was sitting in front of door H-010. (V2 p154)

see Black Market

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Underground Level. Container holding zone. Containers stacked without a millimeter to spare walled as far as the eye could see. The only way to cross the space was through the aerocrane rapidly shuttling across the area. Having passed the ID checks, Riki traversed the area in a cart. Without an automated navigation system built into the control panel, it would be nothing to get lost. Checking the digital page for contents, Riki tracked down the containers on the list. (V8 p73)

Riki's cart went by a brand new container...marked blue for Lukia. Riki remembered all the color codes and terminology by hear when he was running the delivery side; he was certain. (V8 p74)

see Keeler Lab: Lukia

Area 9: Ceres[]

The outskirts of Midas. Special Autonomous Area 9. Ceres. The scorned "Crotch of Midas". The slums. (V1 p28)

see Guardian

see Dana-Bahn

see Neal Darts


Here in Midas there were seasons (V8 p89)

see Technology: Climate Control


The boundary line separating Flare (Area 2) and Janus (Area 6). (v2 p93).


Each Area of Midas activated shields that limited the damage to the rest of the city. (V8 p161)

see Dana-Bahn: Destruction


Despite being on the fringes of the Galan star system, every sort of subspecies of humanity imaginable walked in Midas. Language, religion, values. None of it mattered. This was a place where pleasure was bought with cash. As long as the rules of Midas were kept, all was well. (V8 p116-7)

Obtaining a Visa[]

For the privileged, an entry visa to Midas is more than just prestigious; it is an irreplaceable mark of status. (V8 p9)

It is the norm for entry visas to Midas to be reserved months in advance, available only to the select few. For a commoner. it is a prize beyond reach. For such a visa, full biometric analysis is an absolute requirement where attempts at bribery, threats or coercion have no say. Everyone waits their turn without exception. (V8 p9)

see Sinkers


Midas itself accommodated every manner of human vice, irrespective of race, gender, religion or sexual deviancy, so long as they did not contravene the laws of Tanagura. Midas accepted the presence of everything without question.... (V8 p9)

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